Trends & innovation


Our trendwatchers are always looking for the latest trends in the fashion and interior design world. They look at new designs, fabrics, colors and concepts, seeking inspiration for a new collection of window treatments, which they will then develop in collaboration with the customer. The annual trend presentation given by our trendwatchers provides the basis for new developments within the different product groups.

We, humans have become aware of the impact we have on our planet. Technology drives projects to reduce and reuse waste. Young innovators are cleaning up oceans. We are slowly moving towards a clean and self-sufficient existence.

Data captures our emotions and activities, while a deeper dialogue between humans and intelligent machines arises. Every living generation is now connected to an exponentially growing digital nervous system which enables opportunities.
We are standing at the crossroads of taking over technology or being taken over by it. Both our fear and fascination drive us to persist the rapid development. 

Theorists believe that we radically have to transform our economic structures and business models. It is time to make a big change and improve the way we live, work and how we design our world.

How we connect and bring our world to the next level, all comes together in this year's theme Connext.

Roller blind cordless

Mechanism for roller blinds and day & night